Jasper is an exciting duo recently relocated from Brisbane to Melbourne. With a unique blend of acoustic rock & pop Jasper have broad appeal, from weddings and parties right through to the Saturday night pub dance crowd. Lead singer Jo Cotsonis is a great performer with 10 years of classical training and experience singing a range of musical styles throughout Melbourne. She is always keen to get the crowd involved and is guaranteed to give 110% at each show. Dean McKeown provides solid backing as lead guitarist, with many years experience playing in some of the most popular bands in central NSW and QLD. Dean also handles the business side of running the band.


Jasper perform an energetic mix of music from the 70s and 80s through to songs currently in the charts. The song list is continuously being reviewed and updated to keep the punters and the band enthusiastic. The combination of outstanding vocals, great beats and powerful acoustic guitars creates a versatile sound that can be adapted to any audience. They have their own PA which can be set up to suit small rooms right up to 500 seat clubs and outdoor functions, as well as full public liability insurance cover for all performances.


The band plays regularly at Crown Casino, and has recently performed at James Squire Brewhouse, Docklands and many weddings and private functions. Please feel free to contact Dean to discuss dates, prices and entertaining your patrons or guests.